New Museum Union

Solidarity Campaign: Artists and Arts Workers Participate in New Museum Union's Social Media Campaign

September 19, 2019

The New Museum Union has invited artists and arts workers to be part of a social media campaign. New Museum staff successfully formed a union in January 2019, and we started meeting regularly with museum management and their lawyer to negotiate our first contract in March.

As of Thursday, September 26, 2019, the union membership has authorized the Bargaining Committee to call for a strike in October, if necessary, by a 96% vote. The Union wants a contract that guarantees a living wage and affordable healthcare for everyone in our union as well as baseline workplace protections and rights, and to create a structure that allows us to continue advocating for ourselves and future New Museum employees. Unfortunately, the museum has been overwhelmingly hostile to these aims, disparaging our proposals for equitable salaries, health coverage, and union rights.

We want a fair contract that changes the landscape for art workers. To view the social media campaign, please visit the New Museum's Instagram. View the New Museum Union's contract priorities here.

The artists and arts workers who expressed support for the New Museum Union in our contract negotiations, include:

American Artist, Artist
Art + Labor
Ilana Harris-Babou, Artist
Alex Bag, Artist
Morgan Bassichis, Artist
Claire Bishop, Art Historian
Thea Ballard, Former New Museum Employee
MadB, Animator
Hannah Black, Artist
Sean J Patrick Carney, Artist and Writer
Vaginal Davis, Artist
Cian Dayrit, Artist
Anaïs Duplan, Poet, Curator, and Artist
Michelle Fisher, Curator and Co-Founder of Art + Museum Transparency
Claudia Martínez Garay, Artist
The Guerilla Girls, Artist and Activist Collective
Tiril Hasselknippe, Artist
Dan Herschlein, Artist
Lizzie Homersham, Arts Mag Reading Group
Adelita Husni-Bey, Artist
Juliana Huxtable, Artist
Rindon Johnson, Artist
Paul Ramírez-Jonas, Artist and Educator
Kevin Kelly, Former New Museum Employee
Karli Kop, Filmmaker
Jasmine Lee, Former New Museum Employee
Monxo Lopez, Professor
Zhenya + Ivan Machneva, Artist
Sara Magenheimer, Artist
MoMA Local 2110
Fred Moten, Theorist, Poet, and Professor
Willa Nasatir, Artist
Tausif Noor, Curator and Writer
Andreas Petrossiants, Artist's Against Displacement
Gaby Sahhar, Artist and Co-Founder of QueerDirect
Himali Singh Soin, Artist
Mounira Al Solh, Artist
Frances Stark, Artist and Writer
Diamond Stingily, Artist
Vanessa Thill, Artist's Against Displacement
Christopher Udemezue, Artist
Artie Vierkant, Artist
Tate Waddell, Former New Museum Employee
Paula Wilson, Artist
Shen Xin, Artist
Dena Yago, Artist
Rodney Yago, Artist's Cat