New Museum Union

Letter: New Museum Union Bargaining Committee Responds to Museum’s NLRB Appeal with Letter to Lisa Phillips

August 29, 2019

Dear Lisa Phillips,

We are deeply disappointed to hear the Museum’s decision to appeal the National Labor Relations Board ruling that the positions of Associate Curator and Senior Editor & Publications Coordinator should rightfully be included in the union’s bargaining unit.

We are frustrated by the Museum’s apparent decision to expend yet more resources on an appeal after having refused merit increases to union members “due to economic challenges” and after making a low economic offer at the bargaining table.

Moreover, unionized staff positions remain vacant or are filled with “temporary” workers. It appears that the Museum is still seeking ways to limit our numbers and our collective voice. This stance is ultimately detrimental to the institution we all want to succeed.

Even more disappointing, however, is that your decision to appeal must be motivated by the hope that a Trump-appointed federal Board will reverse the regional NLRB decision on partisan, anti-union grounds. It is widely known that the Trump-appointed Board has already issued numerous anti-worker decisions, consistent with the Administration’s overall inhumane policies.

We ask that the Museum respect the NLRB’s decision and not continue to contest your employees’ democratic right to collectively bargain. If we are to make progress toward a first contract, it is in everyone’s interest to move forward without further straining relations between management and the union.


Francesca Altamura
Lily Bartle
Gabe Gordon
Jon Huron
Dana Kopel
Liz Mahan

New Museum Union—UAW Local 2110 Bargaining Committee