New Museum Union

MoMA (UAW Local 2110)

January 22, 2019

Dear New Museum Colleagues,

We at MoMA are excited to hear of your union vote at the New Museum! Non-unionized cultural institutions across the city have relied for too long on the work ethic, education, and talent of their workforce while paying employees at rates that are barely sustainable in New York City. Because of our union at MoMA, we have been able to use our collective voice to address issues with our management on a level playing field. We’ve made real improvements in compensation levels; protected our health care and other benefits against cuts and unilateral changes; and successfully bargained for many new benefits (e.g., tuition and childcare reimbursement) as well as established job rights and protection. Many of us hope to have long term careers at MoMA.

Our unionized staff comprises positions across the museum. We are curators, editors, retail staff, registrars, librarians, archivists, development and marketing staff, exhibition staff, visitor services staff, educators, and more. There is power in our diversity, and through collective bargaining we are able to make improvements to the livelihoods of everybody that works for the museum. We encourage you to vote yes in your upcoming election, and we very much look forward to working together to strengthen the rights of Museum workers.

In solidarity,

Carla Caputo, Associate Registrar
Danny Fermon, Associate Librarian
Paul Galloway, Collection Specialist, Architecture and Design
Lily Goldberg, Collection Specialist, Painting and Sculpture
Athena Holbrook, Collection Specialist, Media and Performance Art
Allison LaPlatney, Coordinator, Collection and Exhibition Information
Tasha Lutek, Collection Specialist, Photography
Maria Marchenkova, Senior Assistant Editor, Publications
Peter Oleksik, Associate Conservator, Conservation
Alethea Rockwell, Associate Educator for Studio and Artist Programs, Education
Mirna Rodriguez, Selling Specialist, Retail
Chelsey Swilik, Administrative Assistant, Visitor Engagement
Ashley Swinnerton, Collection Specialist, Film
Maya Taylor, Exhibition and Budget Assistant, Exhibition Planning and Administration
Ana Torok, Curatorial Assistant, Drawings and Prints