New Museum Union

Announcement: New Museum Union files charges against the New Museum

August 13, 2020

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We filed charges against the New Museum. We believe the New Museum has violated the National Labor Relations Act.

Laying off bargaining unit members in a discriminatory and retaliatory act. The New Museum laid off our entire steward committee and laid off or furloughed our entire bargaining committee + other vocal union supporters—continuing the hostility they've shown us since we organized in January 2019.

Refusing to provide us with relevant information for bargaining. We have the right to bargain over the effects of layoffs and the New Museum legally has to share relevant info so that we can. They claimed they had no info about plans to reopen—even as they were meeting with managers, other museum staff, and an epidemiologist to discuss these plans.

Reprimanding union members based upon protected activity. The New Museum gave several union members a written warning for a silly instagram post made by one member on her personal account while she was furloughed. Management may not like it, but shitposting is free speech.

While the National Labor Relations Board investigates these charges, we won't let the New Museum get away with targeting union supporters of trying to brush their ongoing anti-union hostility under the rug.